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A free wedding planning checklist should be the first thing you print off when you're ready to start planning your wedding. A wedding checklist shows you tasks that need to be completed before the big day either as a timeline or by category. There's no reason to buy a book or pack of checklists when you can download any of these wedding planning checklists for free.

Nigerian Traditional Wedding Checklist for Brides (and Grooms)

These wedding planning checklists can be printed right from your home computer. A few of them are online as well if you'd like to check off tasks that way. Looking for a checklist just for your wedding day? I've got a list of free wedding day schedule templates to help you keep track of everything on the big day. After you've finished browsing the wedding checklists, check out all the other available wedding freebies including essentials like wedding registry checklists and free wedding templates.

Junebug Weddings. Junebug Weddings has created this free wedding checklist that has you completing wedding planning tasks at 1 year, 8 months, months, months, 3 months, 2 months, 1 month, 1 week, and after your wedding and honeymoon.

You can use this wedding checklist on the website as an interactive checklist or print it out as a PDF file so you can make notes on it as you go. Botanical Paperworks. Download Botanical Paperwork's free wedding timeline in cream, pink, or blue and check off the tasks for 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 months before as well as 4 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week, 1 day before, and the big day.

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This free wedding checklist is part of Botanical Paperwork's free wedding planner that includes all kinds of free printables to help keep you organized. SheKnows has a wedding planning checklist that's super cute and prints out on each side of a single page. This free wedding checklist takes you through the tasks you need to do each month as well as a few weeks before your wedding.

Getting married in 6 months or less? Not a problem with this free wedding timeline checklist from Perfete. A beautiful gold and blush-colored printable timeline takes you through important wedding tasks that should be completed months before, months before, months before, weeks before, 1 week before, and 1 day before.

Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart has a very in-depth wedding checklist that includes a timeline of wedding tasks as well as individual planners for the budget, guest listphotographymusic, flowersand reception seating. These wedding checklists are downloaded as a PDF file of 8 pages that you can print as an entire workbook or the individual sections that you need. Wedding Checklist Workbook from Martha Stewart. If you enter your wedding date, Zola will automatically create a wedding checklist based on that date.

If you don't add a date it will give you a general timeline that will be updated once a wedding date is entered.

The great thing about this wedding checklist is that it's more customizable than the standard timeline. The checklist is based on if you have few or many guests that will be traveling, what religious or cultural additions you'd like to include in your wedding, and how you'd like for the checklist to be set up.

Wedding Checklist from Zola. The Knot. The Knot may be known for their wedding websites but they also have a free wedding checklist that is for the ultimate planner who wants to have access to all her wedding planning details wherever she is. This wedding checklist is completely customizable and can be viewed online, on your phone, or printed. Little Wedding Guide.The concept of marriage is not a recent practice. It has been there in our society since ages. In fact we are here because our parents got married to each other.

Marriage also known as matrimony is the socially recognized union between two individuals. It is a kind of relationship involving mutual rights and duties where two people are socially approved to establish a family. Hence it is a universally accepted social institution. Now we shall look forward to its broader concept. The types of marriages practiced all around the globe can be varied. Different societies believe in different kind of religious practices for the social recognition of a relationship.

However nowadays new forms of marriage are coming up which is perhaps beyond our knowledge. Some might also seem weird to us, but they are legalized in their countries, and people practice it with complete freedom and liberty.

No matter what, its main essence remains the same. We never look beyond that to explore what is going on in the world around. Well, here we have this list of ten amazing types of marriages which will open up your mind and help you know beyond your communal or societal practices. Though it might seem very modern and westernized kind of concept, you will be surprised to know that it is one of the oldest forms of marriage which is still in practice.

They are generally monogamous in nature, and legal divorces after a particular time period ends the marriage tenure. We all have heard about the current trend of gay and lesbian marriages.

But this is an older version of the same concept practiced generally in the early 19th and 20th century where two women lived together which might or might not be sexual. They were engaged in a relationship and would interact in public as a couple rather than female friends. Thus what we see today is just a modified concept of the same.

Boston marriages hold a unique place in history and were mostly practiced by those women who felt they had a better connection with females rather than males. Its origin took place through a novel Bostonians written by Henry James in Both of them are opposite in meaning, but we have collectively dealt with them since both focus on one aspect and their main theme remains the same.

Hypogyny is a kind of marriage practice in which a woman is married to a husband of lower social status, rank or age. Hypergyny on the other hand is a complete vice-versa case where a woman is married to a family of higher social status and is more recognized. Also,it signifies patriarchy and male dominance in the society. It is basically a specialized kind of polygamy in which the man marries the widow of his dead brother.

Its origin lies in the ancient Hebrew and Christian societies. Also,due to infertility and several other factors a sororate marriage was practiced in few societies. One of them is the Maricopa Indians of Arizona. Polygyny is a very popular kind of marriage in which a man has more than one wife and there are certain biological, economic and sociological reasons behind the acceptance of this kind of marriage practice.

Widely practiced by the Muslims of the Middle East, this marriage system is said to discourage prostitution. Polyandry which is again a vice versa situation in which a woman has more than one husbands. Though it is much less common but it has happened to occur in many countries where males outnumber females in terms of population and hence such kind of marriage practice becomes a need for the society. Though it has not been legalized anywhere but is still practiced in certain places.

Bisexuality is just one form of polyamory which signifies that it is a wide term.The type, functions, and characteristics of marriage vary from culture to culture, and can change over time. In general there are two types: civil marriage and religious marriageand typically marriages employ a combination of both religious marriages must often be licensed and recognized by the state, and conversely civil marriages, while not sanctioned under religious law, are nevertheless respected.

Marriages between people of differing religions are called interfaith marriageswhile marital conversiona more controversial concept than interfaith marriage, refers to the religious conversion of one partner to the other's religion for sake of satisfying a religious requirement.

In the Americas and Europe, in the 21st century, legally recognized marriages are formally presumed to be monogamous although some pockets of society accept polygamy socially, if not legally, and some couples choose to enter into open marriages.

In these countries, divorce is relatively simple and socially accepted. In the Westthe prevailing view toward marriage today is that it is based on a legal covenant recognizing emotional attachment between the partners and entered into voluntarily.

In the West, marriage has evolved from a life-time covenant that can only be broken by fault or death to a contract that can be broken by either party at will. Other shifts in Western marriage since World War I include:. Key facts concerning the marriage law in Africa and Asia :. Some societies permit polygamyin which a man could have multiple wives; even in such societies however, most men have only one. In such societies, having multiple wives is generally considered a sign of wealth and power.

The status of multiple wives has varied from one society to another. In Imperial Chinaformal marriage was sanctioned only between a man and a woman, although among the upper classes, the primary wife was an arranged marriage with an elaborate formal ceremony while concubines could be taken on later with minimal ceremony.

After the rise of Communismonly strictly monogamous marital relationships are permitted, although divorce is a relatively simple process. Polyandry a woman having multiple husbands occurs very rarely in a few isolated tribal societies. These societies include some bands of the Canadian Inuit, [ citation needed ] although the practice has declined sharply in the 20th century due to their conversion from tribal religion to Christianity by Moravian missionaries.

Additionally, the Spartans were notable for practicing polyandry. Societies which permit group marriage are extremely rare, but have existed in Utopian societies such as the Oneida Community. Today, many married people practice various forms of consensual nonmonogamy, including polyamory and Swinging. These people have agreements with their spouses that permit other intimate relationships or sexual partners. Therefore, the concept of marriage need not necessarily hinge on sexual or emotional monogamy.

In the Christian society, a "one man one woman" model for the Christian marriage was advocated by Saint Augustine — AD with his published letter The Good of Marriage.

ugep traditional marriage list

To discourage polygamy, he wrote it "was lawful among the ancient fathers: whether it be lawful now also, I would not hastily pronounce. For there is not now necessity of begetting children, as there then was, when, even when wives bear children, it was allowed, in order to a more numerous posterity, to marry other wives in addition, which now is certainly not lawful.

Augustine's letters were popular and influential. The Codex Justinianus was the basis of European law for 1, years. Several exceptions have existed for various Biblical figures, incestuous relationships such as Abraham and Sarah, [2] Nachor and Melcha, [3] Lot and his Daughters, [4] Amram and Jochabed [5] and more.

Christianity for the past several years has continued to insist on monogamy as an essential of marriage. In 21st century Western societies, bigamy is illegal and sexual relations outside marriage are generally frowned-upon, though there is a minority view accepting or even advocating open marriage. However, divorce and remarriage are relatively easy to undertake in these societies. This has led to a practice called serial monogamywhich involves entering into successive marriages over time.

Serial monogamy is also sometimes used to refer to cases where the couples cohabitate without getting married. Some parts of India follow a custom in which the groom is required to marry with an auspicious plant called Tulsi before a second marriage to overcome inauspicious predictions about the health of the husband. This also applies if the prospective wife is considered to be 'bad luck' or a 'bad omen' astrologically. However, the relationship is not consummated and does not affect their ability to remarry later.

In the state of KeralaIndia, the Nambudiri Brahmin caste traditionally practiced henogamyin which only the eldest son in each family was permitted to marry.Sure, most weddings involve attendees boogieing down on the dance floor.

But many weddings also include special, traditional dances that spotlight honored guests. There's the first dancewhere the couple takes their first spin on the dance floor. Lesser known is the anniversary dance, which salutes couples who have been married the longest and the money dance where guests surround the couple and slip cash to them.

Even couples who love to dance can find it intimidating to think through traditional dances. Should they wing them or perform a choreographed routine? Will older guests cherish the anniversary dance or feel put on the spot? We asked Reba Browne, who helps run a wedding choreography business, to answer your most pressing questions. Meet the Expert. Reba Browne is the Assistant Director at Ajnaa New York City-based dance company that specializes in South Asian dance and helps couples and their family and friends prepare their wedding dances.

Read on to find out how to pull off the wedding dances seamlessly.

We Made You A Wedding Checklist E-Book (For 2020)

Not every couple opts to stage every wedding dance at their reception. Decide which ones are important a few months in advance so there is enough time to prepare. Many couples want to perform a unique routine designed by a professional. We recommend starting months before the big day.

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Choose the music you want for each different wedding dance, then make sure your band or DJ is equipped to play it for you. Different cultures and religions also have their own customs like the hora, a traditional circle dance performed at Jewish weddings or the raas garbaa night of folk dances that takes place before Indian weddings. There are some general rules. The first dance, for example, is performed by the couple.

The anniversary dance can include the longest-married couple in attendance or all the couples married over a specified number of years.

The most inclusive wedding dance is the money dance; all wedding guests are invited to participate. Browne has seen couples include wider groups in their traditional dances. The money dance also called the dollar dance or the apron dance is usually performed at the end of the reception.

That way guests can symbolically send the couples off into a happy future. Regardless of when the wedding dances take place, the key is to keep them short and sweet. Some of the wedding dances invite participation. All guests, for example, can join in the money dance, and many older couples can show off their moves during the anniversary dance. Browne has seen more guests get involved in traditional wedding dances.

Absolutely not. While some couples like to have a choreographed routine for the first dance also some parents like to have it for the parents' danceit is not obligatory. It can be just as meaningful to watch a freshly married couple slow dance slowly together than have them twist and turn and leap. The couple and the people they are dancing with get to choose the music. Some people pick songs that are meaningful to them perhaps it was playing during their first date or a father used to sing a song to his daughter when she was younger?

Remember to keep it tasteful and a song to which you are comfortable dancing.The story by Chief Okoi Edet Obol Ejukwa one of Ugep the Drummer The history of Ugep without doubt has no traces to assume it true span of existence, therefore, seeing even archaeological factors could not reveal appropriately its time in existence, even in the assumed father land called Akpa, it is therefore believed to have dated as far back as 18century A.

A citadel of great ancestral and precious treasure of transferred inheritance, a place never known before by the inhabitants, a land flowing with things yet to be known a place to treasure, now believed to be the largest native village in Africa, Ugep a city in the midst of great sea yet not covered, and her people, a people with great covenant and maximum protection, Prior to the establishment of the people of Ugep in the land of Ugep, Ugep had a dramatic and well represented history comparatively like that of Ancient Israel All the way from East-Eden, Egypt, formally the paradise where nature originally placed human before the carrying away captive into Egypt terrenes, and all the way through the wilderness till finally the Promised Land.

Ugep left the land of Akpa without traceable history records for return, neither genealogical traces nor tombs for remembrance, the Bible said, this Egyptians you see today you shall see them again for ever no more, and a mighty sea, dangerous wilderness and deserts, was brought between them after several struggle that they may never have remembrance of them to go back any more. He said, I will bring my people out of the land of Egypt out of bondage from their captivity where I had driven them, remember, He drove them out of the Garden of Eden and here was He bringing them out of Egypt, both Egypt and the Eden Garden were formally together, and so are Akpa and Ugep all in Cross River State, the journey from the wilderness to the promised land was a four days journey but they took forty years, and I shall establish them in a land flowing with milk and honey and shall give them a name that is great in the earth, and shall make them great, and they shall be mighty in the earth for I am the Lord, and no man shall subdue them, they shall be Great, for this is the generation of the redeemed, they shall be my people and I will be their God, and I will wipe away tears from all their eyes.

Ugep with an unknown ancestral language came as history placed her to have emanated from the land of Akpa with a language different from the Akpa language, so in contrast the original ethical language of the assumed fathers of Ugep has died out completely from the lip of the young generation and without traces to any ethnicity, today they have come to embrace their promised brothers and sisters.

THE UGEP PATTERN OF LIVING You would rarely no a king lest he has displayed the qualities of a king, you may as well never know a slave until he begins to display the qualities of a slave, as matter of infarct there is no slave in life but kings, yet there are more slaves than kings, this ought not to be, because so many people lack that awareness they misplace their rights and turn them to privileges, a right should never be misunderstood for a privilege, a right remains a right and a privilege remains a privilege, the day you misrepresent these two things you are on your way to subjecting yourself to the sphere of injustice, and what so ever comes out shall be for your detriment, misunderstanding a legal right for a common or mare privilege makes you an automatic slave to any society you find yourself.

In the land of Akpa the Ugep man lived with the indigenes of Akpa like one indivisible unit and until you are told you may never figure out who the Ugep man was without misunderstanding them for the Akpa man, they were bounded by common rules and regulations, which propels their co-existence to the height of charity and thus made them indispensable group of people.

The common charity displayed rules that bind them was that of the fact that when an indigene of Ugep dies the Akpa man freely buried him vice versa, but a day came that an Akpa woman discovered strange movements amongst the Ugep man when her only chilled died, and was given to the people of Ugep to bury, the Akpa woman could not just sleep home while the cops of her only chilled was been carried to an unknown destination for burial.

She went secretly with the people of Ugep, to a very far place where they claimed the burial was to hold, they demanded for things that were not necessary for burial, things that a common Akpa man would not even imagine in such bereaved times, things like pepper, koala knout, etc, so at the place of burying she found that the son was eaten rather than put to grave, and out of fears she could not hold her peace she ran all that forest alone to the village of Akpa and there she fell down with tears weeping before the people telling them what she saw concerning her only chilled, telling everyone that Ugep people have eaten up her son rousts on fire and claimed to have put him to rest.

THE FIRST EXODUS A battle whistle has been blown the secret did has been uncovered and nothing to hid any more so it was nothing than a decision making time for the assumed indigenes of Akpa land, and that must be done without second thoughts if peace must rain in the land, the uproar ignited a secrete to an open battle and steered the people of Ugep out of their comfort zone, Ugep started out by living the land gradually with their wives, to unknown destinations, through the Akpa forests they went with their little ones, their wives and certain of their ethical practicing skills, cultural attires and some other traditional costumes, designed with mortal skins, like the beaten drum, etc.

THE SECOND EXODUS The entire Akpa people were all out this time everywhere in the forests, and desert places in search for the people of Ugep, before this time Ugep people had already gone very far away from the lands of Akpa on foot, heading toward a certain mountain that was viewed from a distance, with great joy thinking that was going to be their mountain of help, but God alone decides the end of any battle, the hills of the present day Idomi, which stands today as the boundary between the Ugep lands and the people of Idomi, was actually a Sinai for the people of Ugep, behind was the Akpa warriors, before them the Idomi mountain, what would help the helpless victims was at the top of the mountain but with the unknown person that was yet amongst them, with pregnant women in their midst they wondered in deserts, suffered in the forests for food, and shelter for days with cold, nowhere to hide, sleeping in dens and little rocks etc.

THE THIRD EXODUS I believe in all the struggle of the people of God in Egypt, when time was up for a change there first was a strange act, the very man that was to deliver them unknown to them was in their midst, and he was involved in a murder case, and became exiled from amongst his people, God sent them a man and that man had always been in their midst, but unknown to them on whose hands their deliverance would come.

Israel suffered so many bonds in Egypt, their land of captivity until the day God decided to hear their cry and answer their prayers, the good of the man Moses resulted to evil, when he tried to separate the people from fighting it became trap against him leading him to the lands of Mesopotamia, but God been the leader of his people allowed that to happen that He may show his works again, took Moses up to the mountain of Horeb, and there He finished Egypt, and the same Moses that killed an Egyptian was the same Moses that was used to deliver the Hebrew slaves from slavery.

Resting on the mountain top was assumed the end of struggle for the people of Ugep, but as the day down to the morning the people of Ugep started perceiving the Akpa people very closely to where they were they could not help because they had exusted the little strength in them, and the weak ones in their midst could not have the courage any more to go beyond the mountain, there God showed wonders amongst like in the days of old.

It was indeed a thing to write about, that made me believe there is a purpose to everything that come s around your ways. The Ugep man began to run out of peace in the place assumed the place of rest, a woman out of complete weakness unconsciously placed her leg at a very well placed rock that was on the mountain, I call that the rock encounter, she took her leg besides the stone, and off that mighty stone went all through the forests grounded their seemingly believed enemies to peaces before their very eyes, as the Akpa people were very close to the foot of the mountain the rock rolled from the leg of the woman and that was the end of the history of Akpa people with the Ugep man, as the stone rested on top of the head of the last killed man from Akpa.

And now the Ugep man is left without any memory reserved amongst her people for the Akpa man, and no ancestral traces of any sort. So by means the mighty rock, at the mountain top in the land of Idomi, God settled the conflict between the people of Ugep and Akpa thus, the total separation. The Ugep community is a unit of the Yakurr speaking tribe.

On migration from their original settlement, certain cultural artifacts, beliefs etc.

ugep traditional marriage list

The Leboku Festival for instance, was firstly organized by their ancestors from the time of their ancient settlement in Akpa. Ugep today, enjoys the status of the local government area headquarters of Yakurr in cross river state. This is so having produced men an d women of substance in Nigeria to include the Late dr.

Obal A. Otu, professor Mrs. Ekanem Ikpi Braide present vice chancellor of the cross river university of technologyDr. Ubleni Ettah Emange, Dr.

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Sarah Oden, and many other too numerous to mention. A journey of one and a half hour from Calabar the cross river state capital and seat of government, takes one to this ancient land of brave warriors whose identity has never been in doubt. Her impenetrable wood-forests and lots of other eye-engaging scenarios are a delight to watch and a study in scenic beauty.

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The ancient land of Ugep is of wonderful natural marvel anytime of the year. They expressed their ideal and thoughts in symbols like the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese. Ugep like Yakurr communities is a preliterate society, and so her history has been handed down orally by successive generations of her forebears. Part of the beauty of the Ugep traditional socio-political structure is that, it installs and exercises checks and balances such that on office holder including the major decision such as declaring war without due consultation with others.O h hey did you just realize you need a wedding checklist?

During a pandemic. Planning a wedding in is not for the faint of heart. Pause here. Take a few deep breaths. Hop over here to see all our COVID Wedding content, including step-by-step help for how to have a virtual wedding thanks, I planned my wedding budget on a post-it that I kept on my desk with a rough outline of a budget on it. A wedding checklist with a hundred steps would have just stressed me out. In fact, I signed up for one, blacked out when I looked at it, and never checked it again.

She says:. As much you might be trying to be a chill engaged person, you are still putting together a high stakes party. This party, aka your wedding, has a lot of moving parts—like the ceremony, food, drinks, entertainment, fashion, etc.

The best way to keep it organized is with a big checklist of todos. To start, I like to write down all the big things that need to happen:. Like this:.

Whatever type or size of wedding you are planning, break down your wedding planning checklist into smaller actionable steps. We created this flowchart—to help you figure out the big picture of how wedding planning is going to work. Pin it to your Pinterest board, or put it on your fridge and just follow the general big picture steps. And remember, inthese steps may be simplified, faster, involve doing thing by Zoom, or just involve way more DIY. Sometimes what you need is a lot of detail, and a lot of options… particularlywhen things are changing every single day.

Funny story about how I forgot that I had to pay for postage on our wedding invitations, hahahaha sob.One that tells you what to do in an orderly manner, and that you can easily check off completed tasks.

Swipe or scroll down to see it. When should you start planning? The best time to start planning your traditional wedding is right after getting engaged a few weeks or months after the marriage proposal. Read on…. Spend some time to enjoy your engagement, before engaging in the stress of wedding planning.

Decide on Type s of Wedding to Have: Decide on the type of wedding ceremonies you want and the ones you should ignore. Stella is the founder and editor of this blog NaijaGlamWedding.

She's a project manager who loves weddings and believes that every wedding is a project and can benefit from simple PM ideas. She loves helping couples figure out how to plan a memorable Nigerian wedding on any budget.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for a daily dose of bite-sized tips and inspiration. Also, submit your marriage proposal and wedding pictures, with your love stories to be featured. Hello Opeyemi.


We already made a post on that, with a detailed click list of wedding things needed by bride and also the groom. Check out the full list of things to buy for your wedding ceremony or introduction. So, check the two links included above for the full list of things a couple needs during a wedding. Thank you for sharing. Now…I have an idea of what to look out for while planning my wedding. I am a yoruba lady, getting married in June.

So, I think I really a help. Hello Temitop, congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Thanks for your awesome feedback on our traditional wedding planning checklist. Hope you also saw our white wedding checklist. Your June wedding is less than six months away — did you see our 6-month wedding planning To-Do List?

Now, here are my answers to your questions: -Check out our helpful Tips to avoid overspending in your wedding click. We have our Facebook group specifically made up of different types of wedding vendors. People post there asking for so and so type of vendor in so and so area. If you like, you can also make your own post there and contact the vendors that reply to ask them questions and pick.

Hello Kuburat. First off, let me congratulate you on your upcoming wedding. Below are some tips that you may find helpful.

ugep traditional marriage list

Be sure to check out the articles I linked within the tips, as they are super helpful: — Breakdown your budget before spending a kobo, just like you write a list before going to the market to buy foodstuff.

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