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Niti aayog internship quora

niti aayog internship quora

He is mentored by Commander Sujeet Samdha in the ministry. Bhambri has created a website using new concepts for the Acquisition Decision Support System. It gives output on the basis of data and provides greater security than PHP. Bhambri, though a lone member on this project, is not the only young intern with Niti Aayog. He is joined by many others under the Niti Internship Scheme that calls for students to take part in policy and government related issues. On one hand they know about government and policies and on the other hand we get the fresh perspective from the students in various streams.

The internship scheme is open for all involved in academic activities with recognised institutions. The think tank provides them space and WiFi. The interns have to get their own laptops and work on different verticals of the project - technical, social and financial.

Their day starts at in the morning and ends late in the evening. As of now, the first thing they have to do is check if they have received any queries from women entrepreneurs. Pallavi is working on Atal Innovation Mission and as well as women entrepreneurship platform. In certain meetings, they have to meet Amitabh Kant, chairman Niti Aayog.

niti aayog internship quora

They are asked for opinions in front of other experts present. Focused on cooperative federalism, Akash Narang, who graduated from National Law University Bhopal inis making presentations which are being shown to the advisory council. Busy identifying the partners and checking out the deliverables, he is part of partnership team, social outreach and marketing team. Narang has basically come here to understand working at Niti Aayog and use it in his future endeavors.

How are facilitations provided to new businesses? The Niti Internship Scheme calls for students to take part in policy and government related issues. Rounak Kumar Gunjan.Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

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No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Niti ayog 1.PRS offers rolling internships throughout the year. The PRS staff consists of a team of dedicated professionals with different areas of expertise, and is broadly divided into the research and outreach departments. The internship varies from session to non-session time. The successful completion of a PRS internship requires the intern to pursue and complete an internship project. The intern will be assisting analysts in their research, as well as undertaking an internship project.

The duration of the internship is flexible, but is normally between four and eight weeks. Interns can work from their home. Please note that no accommodation or remuneration is provided. This is strictly an unpaid internship. In addition to a deep interest in the working of Parliament and the legislative process in India, an intern should have:.

The form has to be filled out in one session, and there is no option of saving responses. You are expected to:. Skip to main content. Internships at PRS. Structure of the internship The internship varies from session to non-session time. You are expected to: write a short statement of purpose not more than words upload an up-to-date resume in PDF format upload a writing sample on any policy issue.Times Internet Limited.

All rights reserved. For reprint rights. Times Syndication Service. Globe Icon An icon of the world globe. Link Copied. How to get an internship at Niti Aayog Prerna Sindwani. It can take in undergraduate and postgraduate students, and research scholars from Indian and foreign universities. Students can apply for internships in various domains across economics, foreign trade, finance, rural development, communication and media. The application link for registration is active from 1st to 10th of every month.

The weeks internship will be unpaid. As a part of its revised scheme, it can take in undergraduate and postgraduate students, and research scholars from Indian and foreign universities. The Delhi-headquartered think tank launched internship scheme inhelping students understand how government works. However, the weeks internship will be unpaid. Popular on BI. Trending News. Buying Guides. Indian government launches online aerospace engineering course for those who aspire to reach the moon.

Take Machine Learning from University of Wash Read More. Despite Challenges, Healthy Population of SnoGovernment internships to explore in With the new year beginning to bloom, we are here with a list of top government internships that you should apply to, especially if you are keen on learning the mechanics of the system.

The Reserve Bank of India is the ultimate financial authority of the country and holds a lot of monetary power.

Internships at PRS

With its stature growing further by the day, an internship with RBI carries a lot of weight and can add the necessary seriousness and brand name to your resume. The research internships offered for PhD students in Banking, Economics, Finance and other related fields, add wonders in terms of project and work experience, highlighting the inner workings of the financial regulatory institution. According to Glassdoor, interns learn from knowledgeable and friendly co-workers, get decent pay and hold regular hours.

Their Strategic Research Unit also takes B. E and B. The internship will be for a minimum of 6 months and will be conducted in two sessions. The first one starting in January and the second session kicking off in July. Applications will be accepted during the five months period preceding the upcoming batch of internships. So, tentatively August for the January session and February for July session.

Internships they offer — Niti Aayog Internships. Students in colleges PG, UG and enrolled under PhD programs can apply to be interns at the different units and gain adequate exposure. The Ministry of External Affairs handles all the foreign relations for the country. It represents India internationally — in bilateral and multilateral talks, international summits, meetings and the UN.

An internship with the MEA holds a lot of value — it allows young individuals to get familiar with the workings of the ministry and understand the formulation of foreign policies. And, the real catch is that only 30 candidates are selected at any given point. Send your documents to usfsp mea.

Another popular government internship, the internship in the Ministry of Law and Justice gives you a chance to be part of legislation process and learn the workings of the ministry and how the government looks into these fields. Internships they offer — Legislative Department internships. This internship program is with the Legislative Department and revolves around drafting the legislation for the government.

However, only five candidates are selected at any given point of time to be a part of the internship program. Involved with the implementation and formulation of the Foreign Trade Policy of India, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade interacts with government departments, trade bodies, exporters and various experts who can gauge and understand the changing trade scenario. This set of government internships is aimed to collate good ideas from the world of academia, take relevant actions and introduce interns to the overall process of formulation of foreign trade policy and its implementation.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs monitors the companies in India and oversees their activities. It acts as a regulatory body for corporations and holds the right to implement company related acts. The main agenda of the internship is to help the students understand the activities of the ministry at a close-up and the implementation of different policy measures by the officials. The Ministry of Finance oversees all important financial matters of the country — from taxation to union budgets and capital markets.While Rick Sanchez was wandering through the multiverse, Summer and Morty got into a conversation.

Summer, whose semester break is just around the corner, is applying for internships, and Morty, of course, has a lot of questions about internships. What is an internship?

Government Internships In 2018: Niti Aayog, Finance Ministry, RBI internships

An internship is a short-term opportunity offered by organisations to students and graduates to gain work experience. In short, an internship is a mechanism to bridge the gap between what is taught in classrooms and what industries look for in recruits.

Are trainings and internships the same thing? Wait, what? Training and internship are two completely different terms. A training refers to a series of lessons offline or online that are aimed at developing a particular skill while an internship is an opportunity to work in an organisation and contribute to its projects.

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Think of it like this — I did a training in Android from Internshala Trainings, and I did an internship at Zomato and worked on Android development. Cool, and what does an intern do? An intern does a variety of tasks in an organisation depending on the field and nature of the internship. Interns are entrusted with real responsibilities that are significant to the organisation and are assigned bits of a project in most cases.

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Sounds interesting. What are the different types of internships? Paid internships — In these internships, students are offered a fixed amount of money, known as stipend, for their services. The stipend could be paid weekly or monthly and can range from 1K — 30K.

Another type of unpaid internship is apprenticeship wherein a student learns a skill under the guidance of a master like learning music from a renowned musician. Another categorisation of internships is based on the work hours that one has to devote. Full-time in-office internships — Full-time internships are offered during summer or winter vacations and typically last for a duration of weeks.

An intern goes to the office and works for hours every day. Part-time internships — Ideal for college-going students, part-time internships require you to work for hours a week. They have a flexibility in terms of working from home and going to the office only on a few days of the week.

Aamina, for example, goes to the office for 2 days a week in the second half and works from home for the rest of the week. Online internships require you to work for hours daily from home and offer you a learning opportunity, work experience, and a stipend, of course.

He was in the second year of his college when he applied to a proofreading and client interaction internship at Internshala. He completed his 6-month internship and got a pre-placement offer. Objectives of an internship 1. Gain experience — An internship is like a test-drive for your career. It helps you understand how an organisation functions and the roles played by different departments in a company. Internships, being short-term opportunities, give you a chance to try your hand in a variety of fields until you discover your true calling.

Pick up industry-relevant skills — With rapid advancements in technology happening by the second, it is difficult for academia to keep pace. Internships offer you an opportunity to work on the latest technologies and learn the methods used in the industry. Also, you get a realistic picture of what an industry expects from you, learn to put things in practice, and instill in yourself a number of life skills including working in a team, communication, time management, ownership, and empathy.

Some organisations also offer a pre-placement offer to the interns that perform exceptionally well.

Internships for Students l School and College l Google, UN, RBI, Niti Aayog, Accenture l Cold Email

You get a handsome stipend for interning with a company — you can even buy an Xbox! Not knowing what he wanted to do, Pratyush got into the science stream.

During his college, he did internships in graphic design, web design, content writing, and social media marketing and found his true love — design. These internships gave him the exposure required to excel in this field and now, just after two years of graduation, he is leading a team of 5 and is responsible for creating cutting-edge multimedia content. Engineering internships — With rapid technological advancements, there is no dearth of internships for engineering students.The central government has always tried to bring in students to be a part of the scheme formation process.

It is done by offering interested candidates a chance to take part in internship programs. These are good for the students as they will acquire certificates as the end of the internship program. Just like other central government departments, the RBI or Reserve Bank of India also offers internship programs for interested students. Information about the internship. All scheme developments and associated decisions were made by the Planning Commission.

This department also offers internship schemes to interested candidates, in a number of government departments. This central government department is associated with the maintaining the diplomatic relations between India and a foreign nation.

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They make arrangements to hold and send representatives to represent Indian in international events. Any candidate who gets a chance to take part in this internship will be able to attain information about formulation of foreign policies. The Legislative Department is very important in the development and running of any nation.

NITI Aayog offers internships for graduates, postgraduates; check details

The department works for the implementation of laws. The internship scheme under this department will allow students to learn more about legislature drafting. In recent times, development of trade and commerce has made it mandatory for nations to cooperate in the sector of business and export. There are certain trade rules, which must be followed by both parties. These rules safeguard the interests of both parties.

It is the responsibility of the Foreign Trade department to formulate such laws. All Indian companies, whether they are located within the boundaries of the nation or on foreign land, need to follow the Indian trade and corporate rules.

The activities of these companies will be guided by these laws. All interns will learn about the base of these corporate laws better by taking part in the internship. When it comes to taking major financial decisions, which can change the face of the nation, then the Finance Ministry comes to the forefront. From preparing the budget, to introduction of new taxes, it looks after all monetary matters. For better functioning, the department consists of sub-departments, namely, Expenditure, Economic Affairs, Revenue, Financial Services and Disinvestment.

The department also works for removing illegal practices.

niti aayog internship quora

Earlier, the task of managing schemes, associated with the development of women and children were handled by Human Resources Department. Then, the central government realized that more stress on development of females and children was needed. The internship programs, initiated by this department deal with formation and development of women or child related schemes. Museums are not only places where you can see old pieces of artifacts and documents.

They are the store houses of documents and objects, which give the country its identity. These museums fall under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Culture.

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