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Dg home affairs south africa

Palitha T. Hong warmly welcomed the Ambassador and stated that China is happy to receive the Sri Lankan Ambassador who is a renowned and experienced diplomat. He further stated that China expects the relations between the two countries would prosper further during his tenure. Kohona briefed Mr.

dg home affairs south africa

Hong on the Covid and the current economic situation in Sri Lanka and also his priorities during his tenure in China. He also referred to the letter written by the President of Sri Lanka, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, seeking access to Chinese vaccines. Recalling the historical, longstanding and mutually beneficial bilateral relations between the two countries, which commenced two millennia ago during the maritime Silk Road Era, Dr.

Kohona expressed his confidence that the bilateral relations between the countries will be further consolidated in the coming years. Kohona also expected that China and Sri Lanka would cooperate to the mutual benefit of both countries. In addition, during his tenure he hoped to encourage more investments, trade and tourism to happen. Hong responded that he was aware of the close friendship between both leaders. He further stated that the two countries have supported each other in the past and China could be counted as a friend in the future as well.

He stressed that Chinese companies will be encouraged to engage with Sri Lanka as it continues to open up for trade and investment and the government of China will decide soon on the distribution of the vaccine.

The Government official news portal is maintains by the New Media Unit of the Department of Government Information and it was titled "news. Breaking News. January 21, Photo Gallery Video Gallery. Awards Previous sites Archive - 1 Archive - 2. January 13, Sri Lanka to reopen airport for tourists from today political Current Affairs Jan 21, Total numbers of Covid deaths- political Current Affairs Jan 21, Total numbers of Covid deaths- political Current Affairs Jan 20, It was formally established on 1 December This service shall work in cooperation with the diplomatic services of the Member States and shall comprise officials from relevant departments of the General Secretariat of the Council and of the Commission as well as staff seconded from national diplomatic services of the Member States.

The organisation and functioning of the European External Action Service shall be established by a decision of the Council. The Council shall act on a proposal from the High Representative after consulting the European Parliament and after obtaining the consent of the Commission.

Following the Haiti earthquake Ashton chaired a meeting of the foreign policy actors across the CommissionCouncil and member states to give a coordinated response to the disaster. Although she refused to describe it as the first act of the external action service, Ashton did stress that it was the first time that such a co-ordination between all the various EU foreign policy actors had been accomplished before.

The Commission wanted to retain as many of its existing competencies trade, development, enlargement, representations and so forth as possible [16] while Parliament fought to gain as much oversight over the EEAS as possible by demanding scrutiny of appointments and budgets. Until the EEAS became operational, Ashton was only supported by around 30 people on a floor of the Berlaymont building.

The EEAS manages general foreign relations, security and defence policies and controls the Situation Centre see intelligence below.

dg home affairs south africa

However, although the HR and the EEAS can prepare initiatives, member states make the final policy decisions and the Commission also plays a part in technical implementation. The HR must report to the European Parliament.

The EEAS has six geographical departments headed by a managing director. Staff is drawn from the Commission and Council and from the member states' diplomatic services, seconded temporarily. The HR appoints his or her own staff directly. This is in part due to the need to establish a common diplomatic culture, which is also what has prompted calls for a European diplomatic academy.

These joined with new posts to create a staff of 1, on the day of transfer. The Executive Secretary-General shall take all measures necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of the EEAS, including its administrative and budgetary management. The Executive Secretary-General shall ensure effective coordination between all departments in the central administration as well as with the Union Delegations.

Below the Secretary-General there are two deputy Secretaries-General. One of the deputy secretaries-general deals with administrative matters such as co-ordination and co-operation with the Commission while the other assists with foreign policy formulation. The Secretary-General will also oversee the autonomous cells such as the Situation Centre see intelligence belowthe military staff, an internal security unit, audit unit and a unit for communications and relations with other EU institutions.

On 1 January all former European Commission delegations were renamed European Union delegations and were gradually upgraded into embassy-type missions that employ greater powers than the regular delegations.

These upgraded delegations have taken on the role previously carried out by the national embassies of the member state holding the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union and merged with the independent Council delegations around the world.

Through this the EU delegations take on the role of co-ordinating national embassies and speaking for the EU as a whole, not just the Commission. The first delegation to be upgraded was the one in Washington D. He would be in charge where there was a common position but otherwise, on bilateral matters, he would not take over from national ambassadors.

All delegations are expected to be converted by the end of Parliament would also review the budget of each EU mission; Parliament's oversight would put an end to a long-standing gentlemen's agreement whereby Parliament and Council do not look at each other's budget details.The aim of this paper was to explain why poverty and material deprivation in South Africa are significantly higher among those of African descent than among whites.

To do so, we estimate the conditional levels of poverty and deprivation Africans would experience had they the same characteristics as whites. By comparing the actual and counterfactual distributions, we show that the racial gap in poverty and deprivation can be attributed to the cumulative disadvantaged characteristics of Africans, such as their current level of educational attainment, demographic structure and area of residence, as well as to the inertia of past racial inequalities.

Progress made in the educational and labour market outcomes of Africans after apartheid explains the reduction in the racial poverty differential. South Africa stands out as a country with one of the largest racial divisions in the world due to European colonisation and the apartheid regime that followed independence, which officially ended in However, the distribution of resources is extremely unequal across these groups, with whites reporting about eight times the average per capita income and expenditure levels of Africans.

This stark inequality indicates little progress since the official end of legal racial segregation as the differential was slightly higher about 10 times in The previous literature has devoted extensive attention to poverty in post-apartheid South Africa. Among the many features that these studies have outlined in South African poverty, the differential in poverty levels across racial groups stands out as one of the most important.

This implies that the corresponding poverty rates for Africans are, respectively, 38 and 11 times higher than those of whites.

Similarly, we find that the differentials by race are also large when we move our interest towards direct measures of deprivation. Bhorat et al. However, inthe differences by race in deprivation regarding several dimensions were still large. The differential is also large in terms of the accumulation of deprivation. The aim of this paper was to investigate the reasons that these differentials in well-being remain so large.

More specifically, we will measure the extent to which they result from Africans having poorer human capital or sociodemographic endowments. Then, the differentials would come from a compositional effect and represent inequality across those attributes.

Alternatively, the differentials could be a consequence of those attributes having a different impact on Africans' well-being.

Disentangling which part can and which cannot be explained by human capital and sociodemographic endowments is relevant as they are both important but have different natures.

Differences that come from a compositional effect indicate that the bad performance of disadvantaged groups is driven mostly by their unequal access to education, family planning or the labour market or by the fact that they live in more deprived areas. The part that cannot be explained suggests that the disadvantage more likely stems from schooling, labour market participation or location having a different impact on poverty and deprivation within these groups, which could be caused by the prevailing discrimination in the labour market, different perceived quality of education or different degree of vulnerability due to unobserved factors.

The causes associated with the former are more directly solved through redistributive policies at different levels than those coming from the latter, which tend to be more structural.

The identification of the factors more closely associated with the racial gap in well-being could also be of help in ascertaining the racial implications of any public policy, even if it is not directly aimed at reducing racial inequities, such as conditional transfers seeking a larger attachment of poor children to schooling or of adults to the labour force and development policies addressed at specific regions or communities.

The larger the contribution of past inequalities to explain current racial differentials in poverty and deprivation, the slower will be the expected reduction in that differential in the near future.

The structure of the paper is as follows.

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In the next section, we describe the data and methodology. We then undertake an empirical analysis and finally summarise the paper's main contributions.

For the analysis, we used two different nationally representative samples of all private households in South Africa with information on households' living conditions. One is the first wave of the NIDS version 3 from This data set, provided by the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit SALDRU, University of Cape Townincludes rich information on an array of dimensions—such as income, expenditure, home appliances owned, neighbourhood, educational level and health status—for 28, individuals living in 7, households.

The first case accounts only for poverty incidence, while the other two add sensitivity to poverty intensity and inequality among the poor. To take into account the multidimensional nature of racial differentials in well-being, direct measures of material deprivation were also computed across twenty-two attributes reflecting different well-being dimensions: i needs insufficiently met coverage less than adequate compared with household needs in food, housing, clothing, healthcare and schooling ; ii lack of ownership of a motor vehicle and several home appliances e.

Among the different alternatives that are available in the literature to deal with multidimensional poverty, this approach can be considered a counting-based multidimensional index using the union approach.Visiting Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Saturday that China's diplomacy has always adhered to the principle that all countries, large or small, are equal and that China-Seychelles relations are a model in this regard.

Wang said China has always advocated multilateralism, opposed power politics, promoted democratization in international relations, and supported the United Nations to play its due role in international affairs. Wang said that big countries should take the lead in abiding by the basic norms of international relations, not interfering in other countries' internal affairs, helping small and medium-sized developing countries, and assuming their international responsibilities in dealing with climate change and promoting sustainable development.

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As the largest developing country, China is willing to fulfill its international obligations, said Wang. China's development is a growing force for peace, justice, and other developing countries, he said. Wang said that China supports Seychelles, as an equal member of the international community, to play a more active role in international affairs and is willing to work with the country to safeguard world peace, stability, and prosperity.

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On his part, Radegonde spoke highly of China's adherence to the principle of equality between large and small countries. He appreciated China's efforts to safeguard the interests of small and medium-sized countries and developing countries.

European External Action Service

He also said he appreciated China always standing with developing countries in international affairs. Wang also met with Seychelles President Wavel Ramkalawan on Saturday, during which he praised China's close ties with Seychelles, calling it an important member of the big family of China-Africa solidarity and cooperation, and a country that has long been friends with China.

Noting that this year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Seychelles, Wang said the two countries have always treated each other as equals and achieved fruitful results in practical cooperation, setting a good example of sincerity, friendship, mutual benefit and win-win outcomes between big and small countries. China firmly supports Seychelles in taking a development path suited to its national conditions and in the governance efforts of the new Seychelles government, he said.

Seychelles president meets with Chinese FM on bilateral ties. We are ready to take the opportunity of jointly building the Belt and Road and implementing the outcomes of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation FOCAC Beijing Summit to take our cooperation to a new level and build a community with a shared future for both sides in light of the economic and social development needs of Seychelles," said Wang.

Wang said that China is willing to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with Seychelles in three areas: green environmental protection, blue ocean and tourism. China fully understands the urgent desire of small island countries to cope with climate change.

The two sides will sign the implementation agreement on the construction of low-carbon demonstration zones in South-South cooperation, he said. AfricaJan Wang made the remarks during talks with his Seychelles counterpart Sylvestre Radegonde. Read more: Seychelles president meets with Chinese FM on bilateral ties "We believe that Seychelles will also continue to support China on issues concerning China's core interests. With input from Xinhua.Government saddened by the passing of Ms Dolly Mokgatle.

She was an established business leader who held various leadership positions within several of South Africa's state-owned enterprises and the private sector.

Ms Mokgatle was well-known for her notable contributions towards the empowerment of women. She was a staunch believer in educating and mentoring girls to achieve their dreams. Ms Mokgatle also served as Chief Executive Officer of Spoornet, and was the first woman, first black person and first non-technical person to be appointed to the position of Managing Director of Eskom's Transmission Group.

Her wealth of experience in energy-related matters played a role in her appointment as the Deputy Chairperson of the Board of the National Energy Regulator of South Africa.

Today, as a country, we have lost a great leader, a visionary and someone who was instrumental in steering energy-related matters for the country. Read the original article on Govt of SA.

dg home affairs south africa

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dg home affairs south africa

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Though they were not perfect, the Congressional Budget Office's predictions about Affordable Care Act enrollment and costs were still reasonably accurate, according to an analysis by The Commonwealth Fund. That's "reassuring," given the key role the CBO projections play in the formation of healthcare policy amid the ever-shifting variables of healthcare reform, the analysis says.

Here's how some of the agency's estimates match up with that of other groups and with the actual figures:Overall, most errors in the CBO's predictions can be traced back to the fact that its estimates were made before taking into account the effects of the ACA, the analysis concludes.

Once it adjusted its estimates to account for healthcare prices being lower than expected and incomes being higher, the CBO's estimates came within 18 percent of the actual figures. Skip to main content document. The actual enrollment was lower than any group's prediction, with only 6 million enrolled by the end of 2014 and about 5 million of them receiving subsidies--though the total enrollment jumped to 8 million by the end of the sign-up period due to a last-minute surge.

In 2010, the CBO projected that 10 million people would enroll in Medicaid expansion by 2014, a figure it revised to 7 million when the Supreme Court ruled that states could opt out of expanding the program. The actual increase in Medicaid enrollment due to the ACA was about 8 million, the analysis found, making CBO's projection and the Urban Institute's the two most accurate after adjusting other groups' predictions on the same scale the CBO used.

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The CBO estimated in 2015 that the ACA had reduced the number of uninsured by 12 million, leaving a remaining 42 million uninsured. Though it uses a somewhat different metric than the CBO uses, the estimate from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) was that 36 million people lacked health insurance in 2014. The latest data from the NHIS, meanwhile, shows the uninsured rate is down to an all-time low of 9 percent. In 2010, nearly all groups overestimated the average premium of a "benchmark"--or second-lowest cost--silver plan in 2014.

Overall, most errors in the CBO's predictions can be traced back to the fact that its estimates were made before taking into account the effects of the ACA, the analysis concludes.

Number of uninsured Americans at all-time low document. PredictWind is the only company in the world that runs their own global weather model at 50km resolution with 2 sources.

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