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2018 f150 hellwig rear sway bar

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Since Fastmodz has specialized in the distribution of aftermarket automotive parts that deliver the highest level of quality, performance, and value. Our US based technical sales experts look forward to assisting you with your high performance automotive needs. If you have any questions at all, please send us a message through eBay and one of our technical sales experts will respond in a timely manner.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please send us a message through the eBay message system and one of our technical sales experts will respond in a timely manner.

Easy to install, price is a little high, but kit is good quality. I have setting to lowest tension for better ride, might up it one setting for better cornering though. If your truck doesn't have one. It's a must get item Period.

Review of the Hellwig Big Wig Rear Sway Bar

Such a HUGE difference in handling! Showing Slide 1 of 1 - Carousel. Showing Slide 1 of 2 - Carousel. All Items. Helpful Links. The tracking number s will be emailed to you upon shipment. Multiple Items: Be sure to click "Add To Cart" on all of the items you wish to order before going through checkout. Returns We cannot accept returns on parts that have been installed, scratched, painted, modified, or used in any way. Items must be returned in new as originally shipped condition.

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Sway bar works great Easy to install, price is a little high, but kit is good quality. Must get If your truck doesn't have one. Steady As She Goes!Without a doubt, one of the best sway bars to control this potentially dangerous condition is the Hellwig Big Wig.

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Hellwig Productsbased out of Visalia, California, has a high reputation for producing quality suspension products and the reputation well deserved.

As the name implies, the Big Wig is big and heavy45 pounds to be exact. All Hellwig products are American-made and come with a lifetime warranty. Overall, the install took about three hours, including the time it took to remove the spare tire and reinstall it after the Big Wig installation was complete. We should mention that removing the spare tire is important for this install.

Doing so gives you much more elbow room underneath and made the installation far more pleasant than other sway bar installations in the past. A few items in the directions are worth reiterating.

We're sorry.

First, the saddle brackets must be installed on the axle with one leg over the raised lip on the cast iron center section. Second, the instructions state that you should hand tighten or loosely install the sway bar until the end so that adjustments can be made to the overall fit. This is important as you will most likely require some fine tuning to ensure all pieces and parts fit together well and that you have enough clearance between the exhaust pipe and driver side shock absorber we had only 1 inch between each.

2018 f150 hellwig rear sway bar

Like any job, having the right tools will make the install go much quicker and easier. A inch extension for the socket wrench is also recommended during the installation of the passenger side clevis plate.

A crescent wrench will also be needed to tighten the bolts on the threaded portion of the end links. Lastly, a torque wrench is required to tighten all nuts to the specified foot-pound ratings: 60 foot pounds for the axle U-bolts, 50 foot pounds for the frame mounted U-bolts, and 35 foot pounds for the end link clevis bolts.

First, you apply a small amount of grease to one end of the hourglass bushing then the sleeve of the end link is pressed down into the bushing using the palm of your hand. Once the bushing is in place, then you can install the metal spacer tube using a small amount of grease on one end. To install the spacer tube in the bushing, lightly hammer it into place.

We also recommend performing this step first before getting underneath the truck for the main install. The remaining issues with the instructions were less egregious, but still wasted valuable installation time. These do NOT need to be removed on a Ramand least that was the case for my truck. Similarly, Steps 12 and 13, which calls for drilling and mounting an offset support bracket for the heat shield as part of the passenger side clevis installation, can simply be ignored as we had plenty of room to install the frame mounted U-bolts and clevis plate.

We think so. Indeed, the improvement in handling was so dramatic that even the wife noticed the difference and she was very skeptical when we first ordered this product. Are there any negatives with this sway bar?

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Just two, and they are pretty minor. The fit around our spare tire is much tighter now. We had to adjust the tire a few times for it to winch up in the right location. The other, which applies to all sway bars, is that the sway bar will hinder off-road axle articulation. We simply disconnect one of the end link bolts to disengage it before we go off-roading.

How much? Still not convinced? On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, we enthusiastically give it a rating of 5 stars.Rear Sway Bar by Hellwig. Quantity: 1 per Pack.

2015-2020 F150 Hellwig Front & Rear Sway Bar Kit 1520F150SBPAK

Each application effectively reduces side-to-side body roll around turns, enhances tire grip, and optimizes vehicle stability at higher speeds. Balanced for neutral steering and precise turn-in response, all sway bars come with durable polyurethane bushings that resist unwanted squish or decay.

Crafted from solid chromoly steel for the highest rigidity, both ends feature mounting holes at sway bar ends that can be used to vary stiffness level. Includes mounting brackets, end links, and related hardware. If you have questions or need technical support, upgrades or accessories we can be reached most times through eBay.

Get in touch with us using eBay messages for a shipping quote. We accept Paypal or connect with us through eBay for alternate payment methods. In stock. Shop by Category Contact us using eBay messages. We install everything we sell!!! Hellwig Rear Sway Bar.

2018 f150 hellwig rear sway bar

Designed to provide optimum performance on lowered vehicles as well as lifted trucks with a higher center of gravity Reduces side-to-side body roll around turns, enhances tire grip, and optimizes stability at higher speeds Crafted from chrome moly steel that matches the strength of traditional steel with lighter weight Solid steel construction offers the highest rigidity on the market, with an average tensile bending resistance ofpsi Powder coat finish resists corrosion, chips, and scratches better than paint Includes durable polyurethane bushings that resist deterioration, cracking, and drying out under extreme use Also includes mounting brackets, end links if applicableand related hardware Flattened ends provide a superior mounting surface Specifically sized and tuned for the layout of your make and model's suspension Manufactured in the United States.

Time is of the essence. Please call us to verify that this product is in stock.Call Us Call Us. We price match! Call ! Put me on the Waiting List. If you want to turn your F into one of the most stable towing and hauling rigs around, you'll need our complete Front and Rear Hellwig Sway Bar Package. This awesome kit comes with both a front Hellwig Sway Bar as well as one of Hellwig's Adjustable Rate rear sway bars so that both the front and rear of your F get improved handling and on-road stability when you're towing or hauling.

Hellwig's Adjustable Rate Rear Sway Bar is especially handy and helps mitigate unwanted rear-end sway during everyday street driving, towing, and hauling applications. Hellwig's Front Sway Bar is thicker than stock and made out of more rigid materials which helps reduce front body roll and sway during tight turns so that your F feels more planted during street driving. The combination of the two bars can drastically change the driving dynamics of your F and give you the handling and stability you need to haul your goodies without having to white-knuckle it all the way to your destination.

Thick, Durable Tubular Chromoly Steel Sway Bars Both sway bars are made out high-strength materials and come with all the hardware and components you need for a drop-in installation on your F The front and rear sway bars are made out of extremely strong chromoly steel that's rigid enough to distribute load across the width of your truck and provide you with excellent levels of handling and stability.

The rear sway bar features three different mounting holes that allow you to adjust the roll stiffness of the bar to best suit your intended application. The front sway bar installs right in place of the factory sway bar and even comes with new mounting bushings and brackets. The rear sway bar comes with a pair of adjustable end links, U-bolts, and other hardware so that you can get the sway bar up and running on your F right out of the box.

Hellwig backs both the front and the rear sway bars with a limited lifetime warranty. Give us a call directly at for options for lifted trucks.

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Write a Review. Reviews Sorting most helpful to least helpful high to low rating low to high rating newest to oldest oldest to newest. The quality of this product is amazing.

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Very strong and will probably out last the truck itself. You will be surprised the difference these sway bars make around turns. I only had one upsetting issue with the front sway bar. The holes that receive the sway bar end links are larger than ford stock end links so you will hear a clunk on every bump. Did you find this helpful? If you're on the fence, DO IT! I'm not going to say it makes the truck feel like a sport compact, but it does make it feel tighter and more comfortable in turns than my Explorer at least!

Easy install, for the most part.

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The boxes they arrived in were trashed, but everything arrived. Had an issue with the rear U-Bolts reaching torque before tight.

Hellwig customer service was very responsive, and set me a new set of U-Bolts right away. So glad I did this.Due to shipper and supplier delays, your order may take longer to arrive. If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly. If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here.

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Delivery Options If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly. Hellwig - Hellwig Anti-Sway Bars. Belltech - Belltech Anti-Sway Bars.

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Nolathane REV Call To Order This is a custom order part. View Details.Call Us Call Us. We price match! Call ! Part : Put me on the Waiting List.

2018 f150 hellwig rear sway bar

Hellwig's Rear Adjustable Sway Bar is here to help. The Fs didn't come with a rear sway bar at all from the factory, and Hellwig's Adjustable Sway Bar offers big-time handling upgrade, especially when you're towing and hauling heavy loads. The Hellwig Sway Bar improves lateral stability and helps keep your axle and wheels planted during hard turns, making your towing experience much less hair-raising.

Hellwig's Sway Bar bolts right onto your F, making it a hassle-free way to win back stability and handling. Solid, Chomoly Steel Sway Bar with Adjustable Roll Settings Hellwig's Sway Bar is built incredibly strong and has an adjustable design so that you can find your perfect level of performance and handling.

Hellwig's F sway bars are made of heat-treated, chromoly steel alloy with a solid construction that helps distribute load between your F's rear wheels. The sway bar has three mounting holes that allow for adjustments in roll stiffness so that you can set the bar perfectly for your intended application. Each Hellwig sway bar come with all the hardware you need for installation, and each sway bar was carefully designed to bolt right up to your F without any drilling or modifications.

Hellwig even backs their sway bar with a limited lifetime warranty. Differential Cover Fitment: this sway bar may not clear oversized aftermarket differential covers. Will not fit lifted Fs: this version of Hellwig's sway bar will not fit Fs with crossmember suspension lift kits.

A version of this sway bar for Fs with " lift kits is also available. Write a Review. Reviews Sorting most helpful to least helpful high to low rating low to high rating newest to oldest oldest to newest. My truck is leveled with the bilstein s and 34" BFGs. I also have the Firestone ride rite airbags. The sway bar was the last mod i added. Installation was pretty straight forward.

This is a very well made product. The sway bar stiffened the stock ride quite a bit.Replacing the entire suspension? We also carry shackles, hangers, bushings, u-bolts and anything else needed to complete a new leaf spring job. If your vehicle needs additional load support there are many helper spring options available. Depending on your towing and hauling situation, our team will help elect the correct solution for your situation. Many people like the idea of steel so Hellwig helper springs or SuperSprings are a good option in that situation.

However, there are many other choices for suspension helpers such as suspension air bags or Timbren bump stops. Once you have your suspensions weight support where it needs to be, sometimes your vehicle will need to improve handling.

Whether you are towing and need a sway bar to stabilize your load, or your truck needs shock absorbers or a steering stabilizer to reduce vibration, SD Truck Springs has the parts. One of the largest areas of suspension that we service is air suspension.

2018 f150 hellwig rear sway bar

If you are looking to replace a blown out factory air spring, we carry everything from town car air springs to navigator compressors. If you are in need of additional load capacity for your pickup, we are one of the largest providers of Air Lift and Firestone air suspension kits in the USA. These kits will provide up to an additional 5, lbs. Our expertise and vast knowledge in the commercial truck and independent truck repair industry has helped us grow significantly while establishing long term and trustworthy relationships with our clients.

Over the years our quality driven company has progressed to supplying a multitude of products and services throughout the tri-state area, while also supplying parts and services to the trucking industry across the United States and Canada. USA Staff Available - 1 New Year Specials End Soon!

Secure Shopping. Low Price Guarantee. All Rights Reserved. Air Bags. Helper Springs. Timbren Kits. Sway Bars. Lift Kits. Leveling Kits. Add a Leafs.

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